As part of the series of efforts to document MIIU's experience and leave practical toolkits behind, including the development of the "MIIU Publication" and Toolkit for Contract Monitoring and Community Participation, MIIU are developing these other documents:

A Practical Guide in Municipal Solid Waste -Some Lessons Learned from Public Private Partnerships in South Africa

This guide starts with a general description of the feasibility study process that needs to be followed as legislated by the MSA and MFMA. For the first time, municipalities will have in one place a description of a combined process that complies with both legislations and a process that consolidates many requirements that appear to be different but are in essence the same.

The guide then provides basic principles, guidance, practical tips, pitfalls, and examples on the following components of solid waste management as outlined by DEA T:

Below are examples of some of the rules-of-thumbs that the guide will provide:

A Practical Guide for Enhancing Municipal Revenue

This guide creates awareness of the areas that must be addressed for a municipality to enhance its revenue and provides a methodology at a high level on how to undertake revenue enhancement. The following are areas covered by the guide:

A series of leaflets on different MSP topics targeted at councilors.

The subject of MSPs and its associated legislation is complicated and most municipal councilors and officials have little, if any, previous exposure in the matter. This is further complicated by the turnover created by municipal elections, redeployment, or natural movements of personnel. Time pressures on such persons also mean that they do not have time to read and absorb the legislation and relevant manuals.

It has therefore been identified that there would be considerable benefit if a series of leaflets could be made available which would allow such persons to quickly understand basic principles and to empower them to interact, on an informed basis, with the experts who will guide them through the detail of the process. The leaflets should therefore communicate the key features of MSP's, the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches and options, the main features of relevant legislation and the general processes which have to be followed.

The leaflets will cover the following subjects:

Hands-on Toolkits providing standard methods will be completed, as follows:

The above documents will be included in the MIIU Publication CD as well as mailed out to municipalities together with the MIIU Publication. Copies and electronic versions will also be handed over to DPLG and the P3 Unit who have agreed to house the documents.