23rd August 2005.

Attention: Mr Mzolisi Fukula

Dear Sir

Please note the following concerns of the Cape Jewish Seniors Association regarding the current format of the Older Person’s Bill.

Chapter 1

2 (k) add "part of UN directive to create a data base". Research and collation of information as directed by the UN (See National Action – 119)

    1. include – "seniors should no longer have forced retirement at 60 or 65 years of age" There should be parity in the retirement age. In our organisation we have many seniors well over the age of 65 who are completely capable of working and they should not be forced to retire if they are contributing to the community.

The Madrid International of Action on Ageing, article 6 suggests that older persons should be empowered to contribute more fully.

Article 12 (Madrid Convention) – Older persons should have the opportunity to work for as long as they wish and are able to, in satisfying and productive work. It also states that disincentives should be removed (28.g)

also to include –" seniors should be allowed employment to subsidise their pension without being penalized." There are numerous employment opportunities for retired seniors. As they are quite capable of fulfilling these roles, they should not be penalized. All have contributed to the economy throughout their working lives and are therefore entitled to receive pensions. To keep a senior active should be encouraged, therefore they should not be penalized .

Chapter 2

No 4 (3)

Add – "thorough investigation first, only then followed by withdrawal of the subsidy in question after one month’s notice of intention to do so. If the subsidy is withdrawn before investigation, the older person suffers. After investigation it might be found that it is not necessary to take this action to withdraw the subsidy.


Add " community based service center" The needs of older persons living in private accommodation need to be met, luncheon clubs, entertainment, healthcare issues, outings,etc. From our organisations point of view we provide Sunday lunches twice a month as well as lunches every second Monday and every second Wednesday there is a supper. Our sister organisation provides lunch every Tuesday and Thursday. For many, this is the only nourishing meal they receive during the week.

Chapter 3

No 15

(5) We suggest that the enquiry is always held behind closed doors. We feel that this lessens the feeling of intimidation for the older person. If the enquiry is not held behind closed doors, the older person might feel that any spectator could have reason to intimidate or withhold care, etc. at a later stage.

(8) add "social worker can also be asked to furnish a report". We feel that often the social worker is the professional the older person has most contact with . The social workers methodology is different from other professionals and it is worthwhile to have all pertinent reports.

Chapter 4.

1. "caregiver" – add " including family member or spouse" It does not have to be a person paid to give care.

"home-based care"- add "should include the spouse or family member" because much of the time, the family can not afford to pay for care and they are the ones giving the care.


Diana Sochen

Director – Cape Jewish Seniors Association