26(1) In recognising the potential adverse socio-economic impact of limited payout machines, the Minister must, by regulation in accordance with section 87 -

(a) set a limit on the number of licensed limited payout machines that may be used

i. within the Republic;

ii. within any particular province; and

iii. at any one site, and may prescribe different site maximums applicable in different circumstances;

(b) determine the phases for the implementation of the limit set in subsection (1)(a); 26(2) After each phase of implementation, the Minister must ensure that a study of the socio-economic impact of such implementation is conducted and must consider the implications of such study

26(3) The Minister may, by regulation made in accordance with section 87 -

(a) determine the circumstances in which a site may be licensed as an incidental use or primary use site;

(b) set a limit on the maximum-.

(c) prescribe

(i) minimum standards concerning applications for licenses with regard to limited pay-out machines, including(a) standard information required from applicants;

(b)minimum evaluation criteria to be applied by licensing authorities and an assessment of the potential socio-economic impact of the proposed location of the licensed premises;

(cc) evaluation procedures to be followed by licensing authorities and the provisions for community participation


(ii) measures to be implemented to limit the potentially negative socio-economic consequences of access to gambling opportunities, including public notices