TO: Mr P Hendrikse (Chair: Standing Committee on Private Members' Legislative Proposals)
FROM: Dr HB Bam (Chair: Independent Electoral Commission)

5th June 2003


The response to the information asked for in your letter (fax) of 4 June 2003, is as follows:

The Commission has not had sight of bill that accompanied your letter and has not given it any consideration.
The Commission does not wish to comment on the contents or desirability of the Bill but direct your attention to the Report of the Electoral Task Team appointed by the Cabinet to formulate a draft bill on the electoral system. The report was printed by the Government Printer in Pretoria under the number ISBN 0-621-3357-1 and as far as we are aware, also distributed to Members of Parliament. According to a public communication, the Cabinet had considered the report and decided on a bill to be introduced to Parliament.
There are a number of persons who are members of the Commission and its administration with expert knowledge on the subject matter. You are at liberty to address any correspondence in this regard to me.

Yours sincerely

Chairperson: Electoral Commission