999 Legislative Programme
(As on 19/2/99)


Name of Bill

Objects of Bill/Remarks


Open Democracy Bill [B67—98]
Before Portfolio Committee

To give effect to section 32(2) of the Constitution.


Amendment of Customary Law of Succession Bill [B 109—98]
Before Portfolio Committee

To harmonise customary law of succession with the common law.


Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill [B132B—98]
NCOP amendments to be considered by the NA

To regulate the detention of juveniles. (This Bill was approved by the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces at the end of the 1998 session of Parliament. The Bill, as amended by the NCOP, needs to be submitted to the National Assembly for concurrence. It has, however, been decided to withdraw the Bill and to introduce a new Bill, based on the Bill approved by both Houses of Parliament but with a few adaptations.).


Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill [B 7—99] (Automatic Reviews)

To abolish the automatic review procedure.


Prevention of Organised Crime Amendment Bill [B 2—99]

To effect technical corrections to the English and Afrikaans texts of the Act.


Judicial Matters Amendment Bill

To amend certain laws so as to provide for the appointment of certain functionaries by persons delegated by the Minister, eg commissioners of the Small Claims Courts and Commissioners of Oath.


Superior Courts Bill (Hoexter Commission)

The Bill is intended to bring the court structure into line with the provisions of the Constitution (item 16 (6) of Schedule 6 to the Constitution).


Interception and Monitoring Prohibition Amendment Bill

To regulate the monitoring of conversations and communications by persons, bodies or organisations rendering a telecommunication service. (SA Law Commission)


Administration of Estates Amendment Bill

To rationalise the laws pertaining to the administration of estates.


Equality Legislation (Incorporating the Convention Against All Forms of Racial Discrimination)

To prevent or prohibit unfair discrimination (section 9 (4) of the Constitution), and to give effect to the Convention.


Juvenile Justice Bill

To provide for a new juvenile criminal justice system (SA Law Commission).


Sexual Offences Amendment Bill

To provide, inter alia, for the review of existing statutory and common law offences relating to sexual offences, as well as the procedural aspects of such trials.


Family Courts Bill

To provide for the establishment of a family court structure, which will deal with matters such as divorce, maintenance, childcare and family violence.


Prevention of Crime Fund Bill

To create a fund for the compensation of victims of crime, amongst others. (SA Law Commission)


Rationalisation of Legal Practitioners Bill

To provide for the rationalisation of the advocates' and attorneys' professions, as well as the State Attorney's Office.


Judges' Remuneration and Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill

To further regulate the gratuities of Constitutional Court judges and to rationalise the dispensation of all judges.


South African Human Rights Commission Amendment Bill

To provide for—
* changing the name of the Commission to the South African Human Rights Commission;
* empowering the Commission to accept additional funds;
* bringing the principal Act into line with the new Constitution.


Judicial Service Commission Amendment Bill

To make provision for a complaints mechanism in respect of judges.


Review Powers of Courts Bill

To give effect to section 33 of the Constitution, dealing with the right to administrative action which is lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair. (SA Law Commission)


Access to Minor Children by Interested Persons Bill

To make provision for, and to regulate access to, minor children by grandparents and other interested persons.


Legal Aid Amendment Bill

To review the legal aid system in South Africa, including the criteria for the granting of legal aid.


Maintenance Bill

To the judicial maintenance system anew. (SA Law Commission )


Public Interest and Class Actions Bill

To make provision for the institution and conducting of public interest and class actions. (SA Law Commission)


International Arbitration Bill

To regulate international arbitration in South Africa. (SA Law Commission)


Criminal Procedure Third Amendment Bill

To make provision for the utilisation of close circuit television in certain trials.


Magistrates' Courts Amendment Bill

To regulate the jurisdiction of Magistrates' Courts in constitutional matters (SA Law Commission)


Limitation of Legal Proceedings against Government Institutions Bill

To regulate the institution of legal proceedings in respect of debts against government institutions. (SA Law Commission)